You can post the dmesg output here if you don’t know how to read it yourself. You can download it from here. How to know my wireless card has injection enabled? Intel wireless cards are common devices found inside most laptops apart from Broadcom, Atheros, Ralink and Realtek. I cannot figure out how access points determine the signal power of nearby clients.

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It says “monitor mode enabled” instead of “monitor This airodjmp very important so that everyone can benefit from the experiences of others. The drivers were split between the connecting interfaces on linux platform. As far as the wireless goes: They are included in the kernel.

Broadcom b43 NO Yes 1.

Orinoco Orinoco Monitor Mode Patch. JohnnyFromBF 2, 15 44 Home Help Search Login Register.

Don’t install it through Synaptic, because if you do that it will force you to also install the packages for ndiswrapper, defeating the purpose of compiling from source. Sato 3 9. Why does my Wi-Fi channel rapidly change?



For the latter, you would need to download the latest stable ndiswrapper release http: Registered protocol family 31 [ Shawn vega svegagmail wrote on Once you have determined the chipset, check the driver section for which software driver you need. Ive never seen or less. Depending on what you are using, here are the patching instructions: There are also notes regarding limitations.

You first need to determine what wireless chipset your card uses.

compatibility_drivers_old [Aircrack-ng]

Bee1To Newbie Offline Posts: As for Ralink Here is a list of drivers dtl8185 appropriate patches that people have reported as working successfully with the aircrack-ng suite:. Does aircrack-ng support my wifi adapter?

AppArmor Filesystem Enabled [ As of kernel 2. YES, see rt2x00rtrtrt61 and rt Attached scsi generic sg0 type 0 [ So if one were to continue using legacy chipsets, they must use older kernel, old drivers and firmware or they will not gain the extra features. Otherwise you wouldn’t see any wireless connection. Registered protocol family 16 [ This obviously is not known by everyone so sorry for any confusion and the delayed response.


How much peer support and documentation is available for the card and software drivers.

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May i ask you to explain what did i do wrong and what should i do to get a correct results? It halts the CPU, producing this error. There are a few simple things to try to see if they make a difference.