A PDF file documenting the protocol is available here. If you have not selected to unpark the mount when you connect – then you must unpark it manually. The EM uses stepper motors by the way. Thanks for your input. So I have two questions. The primary differences between the Temma 2 models and the older Temma PC models are higher speed stepper motors and improved precision of the controller electronics.

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You will need to provide more information from your side…tell us exactly what steps you take. The driver has also passed the Conformance Checker tests see this report. I drive my mount off a 24V “wall wart” style AC adapter in the backyard and in the field off two 12V gel cells wired in tmma.

Temma by Takahashi ASCOM Driver

The worm period is approximately 10 minutes. Equatorial mounts do not need to be accurately polar-aligned although an accurate polar alignment will likely lead to a more satisfying observing experience. Instead they provide USB ports. Kagayaki is a no nonsense planetarium program with an emphasis on ergonomics.

Once I did that, it stayed acom throughout. Details on the revised Software Bisque Temma driver can be found here. The standard adapter plate on the EM is a Tak two hole design which fits Takahashi clamshell tube holders.


Real klugey if you ask me. It also recognises the StarSense HC. I chose this mount as part of an “ultra-portable” imaging system.

The difference is probably due to some non-orthogonality of the optical tube. When you connect in SGP do you have the Scope selected as here… When you click on the spanner Icon, you should get the following tsmma Like any goto system the mount can be resyncrhonized as you go on.

So I have two questions. The EM and Sky90 can each be packed into a pelican case. It’d be nice to utilize that accuracy. It’s a simple program capable of controlling the mount.

The EM Temma PC Jr fits this bill primarily because it combines the precision features needed for tdmma with light weight needed for portability the head weighs 24 lbs.

The driver that Chuck provides fixes that and the obvious solution is to use Chuck’s driver, but I found the pointing of The SkyX driver was very accurate. While not complete functionality e. You are welcome to visit and look around here, but you will not see the premium support femma until you are a DC-3 Dreams customer.


Yes you was on correct direction, the clue was ” Unpark on connect” I ticked and the telescope has moved to the point asigment!! So autoguiding should be able to address this. The latest TheSky build is available here. To use go to your Telescope dialog and click, Connect, you should now be able to control your mount using that program.

For details see Takahashi Japan’s Temma 2 technical report. This driver has been supplied by the manufacturer and has passed all conformance tests report here. I verified that the mount was reporting “cannot set tracking” then ran an ACP ppan without any problems.

EM Mount, The SkyX and Tracking Control

Etmma connect, go to the Telescope Menu click Link then Establish and you should be connected. Driver name users, in the Chooser: Here is a link to the SkySafari Astronomy webpage. It is possible to use a USB to serial adapter to allow newer laptops to communicate with the Temma mounts.