The set of predefined attributes for the particular type of printer is copied to create a customized set of attributes. This procedure will work with lp and lpr as well. Configure the terminal according to the documentation provided with it. The restore function outputs a string of printer commands that restore the printer to its default state, which is defined by the database attribute values. There are three ways to start the lpd daemon. See the documentation supplied with your terminal for more information about control sequence values. Be sure to use the proper cabling.

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The basic format of the qpri command is: From the Selected menu, select Properties, and then select the General tab within the Printer Properties dialog. If the selected queue has only one printer, the queue and compupront printer are removed.

Note that the —Pasc, which specifies the queue name, was parsed out of the original argument vector, as were the —C and — N3 flags and arguments.

The first character in a directory attribute name is d, and the second character designates the directory. While the qdaemon can be started by compuprimt startsrc command or stopped by the stopsrc command, the qdaemon supports only signal communications and thus cannot be queried by the lssrc command.


The queue directs the file to the server.

COMPUPRINT PRK4601-1 RIBBON BLACK BULL 4/62, 4/64, 4/66, 4/68, 970 in 1070

The procedure for translating NLS code points in the print file to code points for the printers varies depending upon whether the code sets are single—byte or multibyte. Queue status commands, such as qchk or lpstat, display information for both local and remote print queues.

Adding a print queue device. In the Web—based System Manager Devices window, select the printer object you want to delete. Spooler Job A spooler job is any job that a user submits to the spooler. Spooler Queue Names and Status Formats. Information pertaining to status of print queues is displayed in the Print Queue Properties dialog.

Preface vii viii Web—based System Manager. See Verifying terminal output on page compjprint In the Web—based System Manager Printers window, double—click on the printer icon.

The restore function outputs a string of printer commands that restore the printer to its default state, which is defined by the database attribute values.

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At the system prompt, enter: Listing print queues and print queue devices. The sh and st attributes store the pipelines for the header page and the trailer page. The remainder of the characters if any in the escape sequence are operands used to perform the specified operation. The formatter filter processes the header page and writes the result to standard output.


As a result, print files must be split into small data blocks. A device is something either hardware or software than can handle those requests one at a time. The first character applies to header pages. The spooler will accept many types of jobs. To change the attribute values on an existing virtual printer, use the Web—based System Manager Devices fast path.

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The escape sequences that compupeint be specified in an attribute string are listed and described in the following table. Adding a Filter to the Print Service.

This is the file where you want print job output to be stored. Overriding automatic determination of print file types.

See Moving a print job between queues on page for information about moving print jobs ofother users. Showing status of print queues. The spooler is a series of components whose interaction is completely dependent upon how a specific queue is configured.

You may need printer—specific information to connect and configure the printer. The total number of character positions per line is the sum of the width and offset.