MS only sees a few of the buttons on the “top” row row closest to the pointer Anyone have suggestions on how to mouse emulate across both screens with absolute active with the wintab driver, or to get MS to see all the available buttons with the tabletworks? On the Main Screen, the options on the File menu offer a selection of utilities that test all the Serial ports, search for Wintab drivers, and refresh system information. If no mouse is present, the cursor will not appear when the Wintab driver is started. If found, disable these drivers and restart NT. Use Windows Explorer to locate the downloaded file. If using the serial to usb adapter occasionally windows will change the com port.

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Share History More Cancel. Nothing of any use aclcomp you on it. Wlntab February 25, I don’t get that with the Bentley version.

Turn the tablet off and reboot the computer. The driver is now configured. I doubt Adobe can fix bugs in your tablet driver. Moving the pen stylus or cursor on the digitizer moves the mouse pointer on the screen.


Choose one of these options to indicate the action you want performed when a cursor button is pressed.


The power light should turn on or off. The Tablet Configuration Utilities TCU are a series of programs designed to test your tablet when you are troubleshooting problems and to configure it. If you use a tablet a lot then cakcomp should look at one of the Wacom tablets. Place the cursor on the word “here” wintwb make sure you’re at the right location. I stopped using the digitizer back when AutoCAD came out. I checked the CD. Tablet Configuration Utilities Version: The digitizer wintab driver conflicts with Photoshop CS4, preventing it from opening.

MicroStation terminates with error message 0x David To add to the previous message. Error – Cannot locate a default SHX font. If found, disable these drivers and restart NT.

Many of the menu options described here are dynamic and, in some cases, tablet-specific, so they may not be applicable to your system. Make sure the cursor is in prox.


Refresh System Info — Choose this option to refresh the information in the System Information section. This exits the configuration mode, you should hear 2 beeps. Posted January 3, This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please enter a title. When the program is finished, restart the computer.

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I had a 12×12 and loved it, it was as good as Wacom’s, but I guess Wacom was better run the company. If you are having troubles with one, try the other. Customize item missing from Workspace menu.