And I found it to sound rather distorted too. If you don’t want to do this you can of course compile them into the kernel instead and save yourself the hassle of coming to terms with the rc init scripts. I got the feeling these are a bit crappy, but I don’t have one to test. Kinda makes me think something is fishy about it On to the pile of broken dreams it goes. Suchlike way lets us to have full operability.

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Best of luck, dvwjr.

Driver C-Media CMI PCI Audio (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

But the CT seemed OK. I find the audio out too weak. But now here comes something else to consider, because it seems the CMI is for real! I mean like this: I basically meant this: If a game works on a real SB16 by falling back to SB2.

Sound card C-Media CMI ISA driver installed correctly.

Anyone got an opinion on this card, should I get me one? This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Chipset also available on: I haven’t really tried the windows stuff much. Is it possible to cut out the v4.


From the 1st page of this topic it has been pointed out that the CMI has problems with earlier games up to the 1st generation of SB16s, CT17xx. These are not full duplex on themselves, but can function as such when used as a pair. And it’s better than single SB16 card. I used it on i for checking and now I use it on i I tried swapping System Shocks miles drivers with unreliable success. Although i think the specs say it has a 20 channel opl3 implementation instead of the regular 83330 Kinda makes me think something is fishy about it The card has an amplifier which can be disabled with jumpers, as it should.

Note that this control doesn’t have a mute option. The options line allows you to set various configuration options before the module is loaded. I need to use it longer before I can give a final verdict.

How did you find it? Restart alsa, then open a music player, play a file and close the player. Creator of The Many Sounds of: That works very well, the ISA card is completely silent crd not in use because of the mixer settingsand outputs a flawless digital signal to the PCI card when used for SB16 emulation in a Windows Dos box.


Sound card C-Media CMI8330 ISA driver installed correctly.

All this talk of retro components, and last night I played Doom Chaos engine SB not detected in setupMortal Kombat not all speech seems to work? There are two ways of getting Linux drivers to work, you can either compile them into the kernel or build them separately as modules. For drivers older than 0.

But technically it would be nonsense. So far, I love it. Bumping this thread because it’s mainly about the CMI At this time only one module does not depend on any others, thus must be loaded separately: CT is much better! Now adjust your soundcard’s volume levels.