The only thought I have is to uninstall and reinstall Windows mobile version 6. WMDC was installed, uninstalled, and now won’t install again? Lastly, start Activesync on the Axim. Resourceful Replied on August 7, Thanks again for your thoughtful suggestions.

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In reply to BobRob18’s post on August 8, Let us keep our fingers crossedthta it works. Or has Activesync quit running when it doesn’t connect? Logged 1 Like Swallowneck likes this.

Is this a fair analysis or any other suggestions? I managed to get a Standard Micro SD card from work x51 high def or any rubbish like that of less than 2gb and put it in a SD Card adapter.

Resourceful Replied on August 8, In reply to BobRob18’s post on August ush, Be sure to backup your critical information prior to doing any troubleshooting. Let me know if you need help with that.


Dell Axim x51 pda not connecting to pc – Microsoft Community

If you bypass the cradle, does it stay connected? The power charger part still works. Also, because a soft reset seems to help, do you have any programs running in the background other than Activesync? Resourceful Replied on Aim 18, Can you tell if the device driver is loading correctly, e.

What procedures can I use to identiy and rectify the connection. BobRob18 Replied on August 12, When I want to connect again another soft reset does the trick. Lastly, start Activesync on the Axim.

Usually, virus definition updates don’t impact the connection.

Dell Axim X50, X51 USB Sync and charging cable pinout diagram @

After a couple of hours or so it disconnects. The only thought I have is to uninstall and reinstall Windows mobile version 6.

How satisfied are you with this reply? With the Windows Mobile software? Resourceful Replied on August 30, In reply to Resourceful’s post on August 8, Does the Axim have Bluetooth?


BobRob18 Replied on August 8, Did you miss your activation email? The other thing would be to try a different USB cable.

USB Sync Charger Cable for Dell Axim X50 X50v X51 X51v

Connecting Dell Axim x51v to windows 10 Facebook Twitter. Did this solve your problem? Axom I started by following the advice to download the windows mobile device centre for windows vista and save to my computer rather than run it straight away.

If this does not work then it must be the connection pins on my pda which have become mangled. You have to have a way to backup all your critical information so you can reload it after the reset.