This guide and packages are awesome! On my mac, I never lost a single document for classes, the thing did not crash a single time. Sign In Sign Up. Posted December 30, Its an integrated graphic chip integrated on a mobo. The backlight was on, but no picture.

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What are you, two years old? Now, all of you with a great graphics card, before you start saying that ihtel games don’t run at high Framerates, understand this:.

IntelĀ® Graphics Drivers for Mac*

May 20, Already have an account? So you are uptodate. As far as kexts go these are mine. NamelessPlayer Follow Forum Posts: I really don’t understand people like you, why would i be trying to hide my shame for something so ridiculous? At the efi menu press a button then enter -s. Source engine inte wont run so well and FPS will probably jitter alot.

IntelĀ® Graphics Drivers for Mac*

Open up the package from the zip you put on the flash drive or on the HD and install it. Sign up for a new account in our community. They are paying for the looks, the feel, and the name. Posted August 27, If you haven’t noticed, you are the only one complaining. Mac’s are sleek and sexy and fast enough that most users can’t even tell, nor do they care, that they got older or slower components for more. The Jntel is NOT a gaming card, but it can most certainly run most of the games at acceptable rates, as you can see, even Crysis runs good on the X, and that is saying something.


Long story short, with some trial and error, I discovered that the framebuffer was the issue. I tried to fix the file permission using OSXtool and disk utility.

Hackintosh laptop running Yosemite 10.10.1 w/ X3100 graphics

It should play older games fine. This topic is locked from further discussion. Just as a note, trying the method of editing the plist file doesn’t work. May 20, 9: You may be able to change resolution on boot.

I have the separate parts available if you mxc those also. You can try in a sigle line: To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Although the complete details should be evaluated in their entirety — and the difference in overall performance was more modest — the graphics performance of the X paled in comparison to the more expensive “dedicated” graphics in the other systems.

I will try to repair it. Windows is mostly junk.

Turn on the computer you’re wanting to fix. It shares fast MHz memory with the Intel Core processor, for an incredible value proposition. Intel GMA Need the resolution fix It works great for me.


Yea, Sorry for the Bump ‘n all, but I could not leave the X without justice.