That said, the tutorial is available on the Motifator site. Once you create a user profile on Motifator and update with the appropriate information, the updates shown here will be specific to you. I would like to edit multiple tracks. If you are going to record the XS’ audio, it’s a no brainer for me: Or can I use the USB connection to utilize the audio interface? I understand that a USB cable is a one-way data connection and that a firewire connection is a two-way connection and is able to send data both ways at the same time.

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Also, you are saying I should, for the best compatibility, get a newer version of Cubase such as 6 or 7? I will use Fruity Loops studio and use the plugin in that also. Since you are still using the light version of Cubase AI5 you have make a decision about how you want to proceed.

Will this work as my firewire connection on my laptop? However, when you are working with an external DAW, like Cubase for example, you may want to assign Parts to their own discreet audio bus.

However, it is no longer as intuitive imho. In later more advanced articles we will delve into how you can configure the outputs in even more flexible routing scenarios – but for most users the 8 Stereo buses is a good start.


You should motfi both because there will be times when each is appropriate. A vehicle for moving one or more passengers from point A to point B via a specific route. Thank you for your responses.

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Also I would do a one track recording of a piano or something like that. Create number of desired tracks. I basically want to have 8 tracks of audio recording at the same time while I am playing different instruments on different tracks via the Motif.

That is what we will cover here. Will only a firewire cable and firewire expansion board do this? This means you can use your powerful Mogif XF Insert Effects on your PART and you can record with them – because they are hardware there will be no latency issues or delay in hearing what you are xr.

Hello, I have a couple of questions about furewire firewire expansion board for my Motif xf8. Search trhough the Logic forum. Because the Motif XF is hardware when it renders its audio it is done old school, in real time!

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I was able to finally get the information and get everything configured. It not only allows more flexibility when routing and processing signal in the computer environment, but when it comes to integrating the Motif XF into the computer, you will wonder how any can work without it. Are you doing vocals, recording audio to Cubase? Motif XF Auto Load. I am trying to get this same configuration setup on my iMac.


Right now, it is the only passenger on that bus. I have a couple of questions about the firewire expansion board for my Motif xf8. At this point, my tutoial may be more confusing to you than helpful because Logic X’s Library functions and appears somewhat differently than L8 and L9 which the tutorial was written for. You have the option of selecting ‘Use External Instrument Plug-in’ but, let’s bypass operation t for now.

Has anyone tried to do this before?

You route signal from the Motif XF either one way or the other but a single source can never be routed simultaneously via both. If I must use the Motuf cable, I have another question.

Correct me if I am wrong. You monitor via a “virtual” audio lane which allows you to process the signal with plug-in effects prior to rendering the signal as a permanent real audio track. I’m very close to having this properly setup, but I want to confirm the way I have it set up is the best and efficient way to configure this and get the midi issue correct.

Now, for the firewire firewwire.